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5 Compartment Compostable Tray - Single Use, Disposable, Biodegradable - 500/case

5 Compartment Compostable Tray - Single Use, Disposable, Biodegradable - 500/case

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Introducing the future of eco-friendly meal organization: MEMEDA’s 5-Compartment Compostable Tray. As an epitome of thoughtful design and environmental reverence, this tray caters to varied meal components, ensuring taste meets sustainability. At MEMEDA, every tray symbolizes our unwavering commitment to Mother Earth.

  • Sustainably Crafted: Made from compostable materials, our tray decomposes naturally, reducing environmental impact post-use.
  • 5 Thoughtfully Designed Compartments: From main courses to side dishes and dips, everything has its designated spot, ensuring flavors remain uncompromised.
  • Sturdy & Spill-Proof: Ensures that the contents remain secure, minimizing potential messes during transportation.
  • Eco-Advocate Choice: By opting for our compostable tray, you’re aligning with a movement that prioritizes the planet’s health.
Every meal served on MEMEDA’s 5-Compartment Tray is a celebration of both culinary diversity and environmental sustainability. Embrace the tangible sensation of making planet-positive choices, as you enjoy the harmony of flavors and eco-awareness.

  • Material: Compostable and biodegradable materials
  • Dimensions: Tailored for standard meal portions across five compartments
  • Decomposition Time: Fully compostable within 90-180 days under appropriate conditions

FDA/ BPI/ OK Compost/DIN Certificated
Made with Food Grade Bagasse

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