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Our products are crafted from Earth-friendly biodegradable PLA and sugarcane materials, that break down naturally in just 3-6 months, so you can enjoy style and quality, guilt-free!

We're not just about products, we're about partnerships. Choose Memeda, and gain a committed ally who's invested in your long-term satisfaction.

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    Eco-Friendly Materials

    Our collection ranges from cutlery to tableware, all crafted from biodegradable PLA and sugarcane materials that decomposes in just 3-6 months.

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    Your Brand, Your Way

    Looking to make a statement with your brand? We offer customizable options to let your eco-commitment take center stage, perfectly aligning with your brand's ethos.

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    Affordable Excellence

    Our bulk buying options and transparent pricing policies mean you can afford to go green without breaking the bank.

Featured Products

  • What is Sugarcane?

    Sugarcane, stepping into the spotlight as an eco-warrior, is revolutionizing the sustainable materials landscape. Harvested from the robust, renewable sugarcane plant, it's transformed into a remarkably versatile bioproduct. Sugarcane stands out for its rapid renewability, growing back to full size in just about a year. This swift regeneration makes it an endlessly sustainable resource, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer.

    Choosing Memeda's sugarcane-based products is a step towards a brighter, greener future. Our sugarcane items not only boast exceptional durability but also embody our commitment to the planet. Embrace sugarcane, and join us on a path to a more sustainable world.

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  • What is PLA?

    PLA, short for Polylactic Acid, is a game-changer in the world of eco-friendly materials. Made from plant-based sources like cornstarch, it's a bioplastic that combines the best of both worlds: sustainability and high-quality performance. One of the standout features of PLA is its quick composting time. In commercial composting facilities, PLA can break down in as little as three months. Even under less-than-ideal circumstances, it'll fully biodegrade in just two years, making it a win-win for Mother Earth.

    When you opt for Memeda's PLA-based products, you're not just choosing quality; you're making a vote for a greener planet. Say yes to PLA, and let's journey towards sustainability together.

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Certified Excellence

Eco-Friendly Tableware You Can Trust

At Memeda, we take pride in offering restaurant supplies that aren't just eco-friendly and affordable, but also certified by major regulatory bodies. Our range of biodegradable tableware meets the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility, ensuring you serve your customers with the best.

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