Welcome to Memeda, where sustainability meets style!

Our products are crafted from Earth-friendly biodegradable PLA and sugarcane materials, that break down naturally in just 3-6 months, so you can enjoy style and quality, guilt-free!

We're not just about products, we're about partnerships. Choose Memeda, and gain a committed ally who's invested in your long-term satisfaction.

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    Eco-Friendly Materials

    Our collection ranges from cutlery to tableware, all crafted from biodegradable PLA and sugarcane materials that decomposes in just 3-6 months.

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    Your Brand, Your Way

    Looking to make a statement with your brand? We offer customizable options to let your eco-commitment take center stage, perfectly aligning with your brand's ethos.

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    Affordable Excellence

    Our bulk buying options and transparent pricing policies mean you can afford to go green without breaking the bank.

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