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we manufacture and produce eco-friendly to-go products for your everyday needs. We can customize your products ranging from simply adding your logo on the products to creating unique, specialized products tailored to your needs. It’s time for all of us to switch products made from materials with the Earth in mind. Polypropylene (what is in plastic products) is generally considered safe for use, but you should still be wary of using plastics more often than you have to. The chemicals found in plastic products are proven to contribute to some cancers. While it's nearly impossible to avoid all plastic products, you can use as little plastic as possible. By using MEMEDA's products, you can make a small but significant change in the amount of plastic you come in contact with on a daily basis.

What is PLA?

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid which is a bioplastic and thermoplastic material made from natural materials like corn starch. PLA is loved by many for its eco-friendliness, biodegradability, and many other characteristics which make it a perfect fit for our products. On average, PLA biodegrades in about three months in commercial compostable systems, and even if conditions aren’t favorable, PLA will still biodegrade in at most two years without harming the Earth. By using PLA, we are able to make everyday products that help conserve the Earth. With PLA, we are going green without compromising quality.

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